Know Before Buying Your Carpet

Know Before Buying Your Carpet

What does your carpet say about your property?

Like art. Like color. The right carpet is a defining factor when it comes to creating a memorable atmosphere and ambiance. At Pride our experience speaks for itself.

Carpet is not just a visual. It also needs to be functional, maintained properly and have appearance retention in use. Prides concept offers free consulting services that are knowledgeable, pioneering, innovative, and always comprehensive.

No other company exists the way we do. We’ll lead you in the right direction, providing clear understanding of patterns, performance and design helping you in any way needed. Our technical analysis will literally cover every square foot of your property, helping you select the right carpets from guest rooms and casino lobbies to any hospitality sector.

Pride works alongside your designers, architects, facilities manager or directly with the owner/developer, Pride is a trusted advisor to guide you as you make important carpet decisions. We will help you select the right carpet solution guaranteed. From appearance retention, durability and performance, to installation, maintenance. We’ve saved more customers from making mistakes that cost 10’s of thousands of dollars with our knowledge that your talented designer or architect could not possibly know simply due to time constraints put upon them these days.

The Best Relationships are about finding the right coordinates.

Our formula? Experience + Knowledge + Personal Service = PERFORMANCE

Real value in every order.
With us, it’s personal!